Adventure, Wildlife and Photography Tours

in the heart of the Mayan jungle

5 and 6 days

El Mirador Jungle Trek

This tour gives you the opportunity of experiencing the great adventure of traversing the tropical jungle to get to one of the most important Mayan cities: El Mirador.

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4 and 6 days

Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge

In this tour you'll finde the perfect combination of the scenic beauty of the lagoons and the jungle with the experience of observing the wildlife, especially the migratory and endemic birds.

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8 and 10 days

Rediscovering the Kan Kingdom

We offer you tours of 8 and 10 days traveling through other important sites such as La Muralla, Naachtún and Wakná. Please contact us for more information.

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Other destinations

El Zotz


We manage your arrival to Petén by bus or plane, from anywhere in the country.


Stay at Hotel Carmelita for a better experience with your tour itinerary


Organization and management of events for corporate and institutional purposes

About Carmelita

The Carmelita-El Mirador circuit and the tour to Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge are run by the inhabitants of Carmelita, a traditional community settled in the heart of the Selva Maya since the early 1900s, driven by the extraction of sap from chicozapote, the main economic activity at that time.

From the last century until now, the inhabitants of Carmelita live in harmony with the forest. In 1997, the Government of Guatemala granted Carmelita the Community Forestry Concession, through which the community is responsible for the protection, management and conservation of an area of 530 km2 in which more than 97% of the natural forest is conserved.

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Why travel with us

  • Community organization duly registered
  • Qualified staff who are knowledgeable of the jungle
  • Contact point in Flores to assist the visitors since their arrival
  • Base camp in the forest with complete camping equipment and first aid kit
  • Security guarantee for visitors during the tour
  • Sustainable development