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Carmelita cooperative

Carmelita is a traditional community from Petén that has been dedicated to the responsible extraction of chewing gum, xate and other forest products for many years. In 1998, the Cooperativa Integral de Comercialización Carmelita R.L. (Integral Cooperative for Commercialization) arose, a local organization in charge of the conservation and management of the Community Forestry Concession of Carmelita. Nowadays, the Carmelita Cooperative performs various works within the community, making sustainable management of resources, in activities such as:

  • Forest Harvesting / Forest Usage
  • Investment in Control and Surveillance
  • Investment in Prevention and Control of Forest Fires
  • Enrichment of Xate Plants in the forest through its local garden center
  • Activities of Reforestation, Carpentry, Xate, Chewing gum
  • Tourism at Carmelita-Mirador Circuit
  • Tourism at Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge


Cooperativa Carmelita through its activities of sustainable management of natural and cultural resources, consolidates communication, management, administration, governance, leadership and empowerment based on gender equity of its members.


To be a cooperative consolidated through empowerment, where their partners are involved in the strategic aspects of the organization, complying with the fundamental principles of cooperativism and acquired contractual commitments, with the recognition of governmental and non-governmental entities.


The Community Tourism Unit of the Carmelita Cooperative was integrated and organized to responsibly promote the sustainable tourism activities of quality, contributing to the socioeconomic development of the community and ensuring the conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the area, for the well-being for future generations.

Carmelita-Mirador Tour