Carmelita Cooperative

Environment of the Tourist Activity in the Community and the Cooperative

The Tourism Unit of the Cooperative generates employment for most of the families living in the community that participate in the activity of the tour in different jobs during the trips to the touristic circuit Carmelita – El Mirador and Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge.

All the personnel that participates in the tourism trips, are in constant training on diverse subjects like they are: Knowledge of Archeology, Mayan Cosmovisión, Elaboration and Handling of Foods, Attention to the Client, First Aid, Work in Team, Incidents Management, Human Relations, Change of Attitude, Botany and Birdwatching, among other essential training so that tourists receive a good service during the trip to the archaeological sites they visit.

These trainings do not represent any cost for the service providers, they are provided directly by the Cooperative and through negotiations with the NGOs that accompany the concession process that provide economic resources to carry out this type of training, to increase the knowledge of the people who carry out the tourist activity in the community.


Out of the total annual sales income generated by the tourism activity, 80% of the income is distributed directly to the service providers guides, cooks, assistants, muleteers, rental of livestock and equipment rental and local canteens.

All of these people who participate are integrated in a shift work rotation system, which is controlled by the tourism logistics manager of the community.

This person keeps track of the people who are entitled to participate in each tourism trip in order to equitably distribute the economic resources among all the service providers that participate in the tourism unit of the Cooperative, giving payments and fair benefits.

The remaining 20% is used for administrative expenses and social benefits where the cooperative is projected.