Carmelita Cooperative

History and Present



Currently, the cooperative manages the Carmelita Management Unit granted by the State of Guatemala for a contract validity period of 25 years and the incidence is currently being carried out with the government institutions in order to obtain an extension of an additional 25 years.

The Carmelita Cooperative now performs various jobs within the community, making sustainable management of resources, in activities such as: Forest Harvesting, Investment in Control and Surveillance, Investment in Prevention and Control of Forest Fires, Reforestation Activities, Carpentry, Xate, Chewing-gum activities, Tourism (Tourism Circuit Carmelita-El Mirador), Tourism in the Laguna de Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge, as well as the Enrichment of Xate Plants in the forest through its local nursery.
All of these activities generate the local economy for the 380 people among men, women, boys and girls who inhabit the community.

It has a furniture sales room in Santa Elena, central area of the Petén department, where furniture of different styles; baseboards and floors are displayed for sale. These furniture is made by community carpenters who have been trained by the Cooperative and are currently working in the Carpentry.

Each year, the Carmelita Cooperative generates an average of 20,500 wages. These wages exceed the minimum wage established in Guatemala.