Carmelita Cooperative

Social benefits generated by the carmelita cooperative

The Carmelita Cooperative brings social benefits to its associates and non-associates in the community of Carmelita in terms of Life, Health, Education and Infrastructure in the community.


The Carmelita Cooperative has a scholarship system for the children of members, which consists of a scholarship during the study of a medium level career that lasts for three years.

With 20 years of the Cooperative, 34 young people have graduated in different careers, such as Teachers, Accountants, Tourism Experts, Ecologists, Bachelors in Industrial Mechanics, among others. Many of the graduates currently work with the Carmelita Cooperative in their different work units.


The Carmelita Cooperative through its Board of Directors, manages medical missions for the community, authorizes contributions in cash or purchases of medical prescriptions when a member of the community partner or non-member suffers from health problems or needs some surgical intervention, the Cooperative vehicles are used to take the patients to the hospital or medical clinic in the central area of Petén, which is 85 km from the community.