Our tours give you the unique opportunity to live the great adventure of crossing the tropical jungle, visiting imposing Mayan cities and getting to know the fauna and flora of the Mayan Biosphere.

5 and 6 days

El Mirador Jungle Trek

This tour gives you the opportunity of experiencing the great adventure of traversing the tropical jungle to get to one of the most important Mayan cities: El Mirador.

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4 and 6 days

Puerto Arturo Wildlife Refuge

In this tour you'll finde the perfect combination of the scenic beauty of the lagoons and the jungle with the experience of observing the wildlife, especially the migratory and endemic birds.

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8 and 10 days

Rediscovering the Kan Kingdom

We offer you tours of 8 and 10 days traveling through other important sites such as La Muralla, Naachtún and Wakná. Please contact us for more information.

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